Dr. Hermann can help you achieve the body you desire with liposuction. While there are less invasive alternatives available, liposuction is the most effective. Dr. Hermann has the necessary experience in body contouring to give you the results you want.

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Dr. Hermann: Liposuction does remain the gold standard for reducing fat in the body. Although there now are some alternatives such as CoolSculpting, which can reduce fat, liposuction is still the best way to do so. Liposuction is a surgery where we use a metal rod to manually sculpt and reduce the fat in the areas of the body that you want. If you're interested in liposuction, I definitely recommend you seek out someone who's an expert in body type procedures. Some people will think they need liposuction when they really don't. For example, there are patients who have excess skin and sometimes think that that's related to fat. Likewise, stretching at the abdominal wall can simulate excess fat. You need a good plastic surgeon who is experienced and skilled in these procedures that during the exam can determine exactly what it is about the body that you want to fix. If it is just simply fat, then liposuction is a very good procedure that can reduce that and give you the results that you want. Narrator: If you or someone you know is in search of a high-quality plastic surgeon, call our office today.

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Dr. Bruce Hermann has trained under world-renowned plastic surgeons and implements the BodyLogic™ system to achieve optimal surgical outcomes. We accept financing so every patient can access our advanced treatments:

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