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If you have lost fullness in the top portion of your breast due to aging or pregnancy, a breast lift may be the solution you have been searching for. Dr. Hermann can restore fullness with minimal scarring. He can determine if a breast lift or another procedure is the best way to enhance your bustline.

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Dr. Hermann: A lot of time patient needs a breast lift, but they don't really know that that's what they need. There are a lot of women out there that as they age or after pregnancy, they lose the fullness in the top part of their breast. This is not due necessarily to their breast getting smaller, but it's due to the fact that their breast tissue is starting to sag. If they go to a plastic surgeon who doesn't identify that, a lot of times they'll end up with a breast augmentation. At which point, they will have a fuller breast, but it's oftentimes larger than they wanted. In addition to the fact that the breast tissue will sag off of it a bit. In reality, what these patients really need is a true breast lift where they take their own breast tissue to restore that upper breast fullness by lifting it up and reshaping the breast. If there's one thing I could tell patients who are seeking out a breast lift, it would be to find a surgeon who does a short scar breast lift. The classic anchor style incision pattern is still the most used breast lift pattern in the United States. However, it is not the best. The short scar breast lifts are more new than the classic style, but they accomplish the same results with half the scar. Not only is that better aesthetically, but it's also better because it decreases complications. When I trained in plastic surgery, I was trained to do the classic anchor style. But when I did my breast and body fellowship, that's where I would learn to do these short scar breast lifts. Since I learned that, that is all I do anymore. I found it is by far the best for my patients. So basically, the anchor type scar gives you the scar all the way across the bottom of the breast in addition to the scar around the areola and the drop-down scar. With the short scar breast lift, you get about half the scar. You get the scar around the areola, and you get just the drop-down without the very large horizontal incision at the base of the breast. This is a good thing, not just aesthetically because it's less scar, but also because that T pattern at the bottom of the breast oftentimes does have problems healing. Voiceover: If you or someone you know is in search of a high-quality plastic surgeon, call our office today.

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