Revision Breast Augmentation


Amanda reveals how Dr. Hermann helped restore her confidence. She went to Dr. Hermann for revision breast augmentation to correct poor results by another surgeon. Thanks to Dr. Hermann, Amanda feels good when she looks in the mirror, her clothes fit better, and she is looking forward to swimsuit season!

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Amanda: Well, I had met someone that he'd worked on before who happened to be a really good friend of mine, and I needed to have my breast looked at. And she recommended him. So of course, I did my research and came to check him out. Did a consultation, and I was very pleased. I came for an implant exchange, ended up having a double capsulorrhaphy. Turns out I was botched in a previous procedure and just kind of let it go but I knew that he would be able to fix it. My right implant had bottomed out, so he had to go in and release one of the muscles in the right side of my chest. And then he had to create a brand new pocket to put my implant in and fix what the other surgeon had made. And so he went to the other side and did the same thing. They are perfect. I could not be happier. It's been five months now. I look in the mirror, I feel good. I can't even tell I've had anything done as far as scarring. It looks great. I feel better about myself. My clothes are fitting better, and I'm looking forward to swimsuit season. Voiceover: If you or someone you know is in search of a high-quality plastic surgeon, call our office today.

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