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If you want to improve the definition of your midsection, Dr. Hermann can help give you the results you desire. During your consultation, Dr. Hermann will discuss how abdominoplasty can remove excess fat, tighten loose skin, and repair a stretched abdominal wall. The doctor understands that every patient has unique goals and will plan your procedure to address your particular needs.

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Dr. Hermann: Abdominoplasties are very popular surgeries. When women have children, their bodies go through a lot of changes. Unfortunately, a lot of those changes are things that cannot be improved by the person themselves. An abdominoplasty surgery can remove excess fat. It can also remove any extra skin that accumulates towards the bottom of the abdomen. And most importantly, it can fix the stretching out of the abdominal wall which tends to give women pooching after their pregnancies. Like with any of our surgeries, I like to plan out the abdominoplasty starting with the consultation. Every patient is different. Some patients need different things during the abdominoplasty process. So these are things that will be determined during your consult. Do you need a little bit of liposuction in the area? Do you need more attention to excess skin versus the stretch in the abdominal wall? So the planning of the abdominoplasty begins in the consult. At the time of surgery, the process will be tailored toward what each individual patient needs. Most importantly, you want to find a surgeon that's skilled in doing that. We do lots of abdominoplasties here in this practice, being focused in breast and body. Also, a patient needs to understand that there is a bit of recovery with an abdominoplasty. It has gotten much better over the years as our technology for anesthesia has improved. But still, compared to other surgeries such as breast augmentation, which is very easy recovery, there's a little bit of time in the recovery process with abdominoplasty. Still, no patients stay overnight in the hospital. These are always outpatient. And even so when they're combined with other procedures. Voiceover: If you or someone you know is in search of a high-quality plastic surgeon, call our office today.

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