Hand Surgery Treatments

Most people do not know that plastic surgeons are trained in hand surgery. The institution where Dr. Hermann did his plastic surgery fellowship had a dedicated Hand Center, giving him extensive experience in treating basic hand surgery issues.

Carpal Tunnel Release

If you have been recently diagnosed with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Dr. Hermann can assess you to see if you are a candidate for carpal tunnel surgery. In carpal tunnel surgery, the ligament overlying the median nerve in the palm of the hand is incised to relieve the pressure on the nerve and improve the symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. Dr. Hermann offers a short-scar technique for carpal tunnel surgery.

Trigger Release

Trigger fingers can be quite painful, and certainly they can interfere with your daily activities. Some patients can be relieved of their symptoms with a simple steroid injection. For more severe cases, the fibrous pulley that impedes the motion of the finger can be incised through a short incision to relieve the symptoms.

Hand Lesions

Lesions on the hand can be a variety of different diagnoses. When you exclude skin cancers, the overwhelming majority (95%) of hand lesions are benign growths as opposed to cancers. If you visit Dr. Hermann to evaluate a hand lesion, most times the lesion can be identified by physical exam alone without an expensive workup, and he can offer you a safe surgery option to have the lesion removed and alleviate your symptoms.

Hand Fracture Repair

Dr. Hermann performs the majority of hand fracture repairs at Emergency Department at Presbyterian Hospital Denton. Many hand fractures can be repaired using pins placed through the skin into the bone without the need for incisions. More complex fractures may need a titanium plate placed directly on the bone for proper healing. These surgeries are done on an outpatient basis. Hand fractures repairs are normally completed within two weeks from time of injury.

Tendon Repair

Injuries to the tendons in the hand can occur with various types of trauma, and they can be quite serious in nature, especially if there is a delay in treatment or diagnosis. Tendon lacerations should be repaired within the first two weeks after injury, and the post-operative course will involve working with a hand therapist to regain strength and mobility.

Nerve Repair

Like tendon injuries, injuries to the nerves of the fingers or hand can occur in various forms of trauma, and they should be treated in the first couple of weeks after the injury.

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