Breast Reconstruction by a Highly Trained, Compassionate Surgeon

Dr. Bruce Hermann in Denton, TX, has trained with some of the leading surgeons in the world in order to provide the best possible aesthetic and emotional benefits of breast reconstruction surgery. He will work closely with your mastectomy surgeon to plan a procedure incorporating safe, advanced techniques. Dr. Hermann uses tissue expansion and fat grafting techniques to help you achieve beautiful, natural-looking results.

breast reconstruction
Breast reconstruction by Dr. Hermann can restore your figure and your confidence.

Recreating the Breast Mound

As mastectomy, or surgical removal of one or both breasts, can be performed either to address or prevent cancer, or to address trauma. Dr. Hermann will work with the mastectomy surgeon, oncologist, and any other doctors to create a plan to reconstruct the breast mound once damaged tissue has been removed. 

Although breast reconstruction can be performed immediately following a mastectomy, an oncologist may recommend undergoing the procedure at a later date. Dr. Hermann can perform a delayed procedure or provide revisional surgeries for patients unhappy with results provided by another practice.

During your consultation, Dr. Hermann will discuss your goals and preferences in order to formulate a treatment plan. He will also explain all associated risks of the procedure, answer all of your questions, and provide explicit pre- and post-surgical instructions to ensure a safe surgery and successful recovery. Dr. Hermann's staff can review your insurance plan and speak to your provider on your behalf to secure the best possible coverage. 

Determining Candidacy

Before performing the procedure, Dr. Hermann and your other doctors will confirm your candidacy. To qualify for this procedure, you must:

  • Not have diabetes
  • Not have high blood pressure
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Be cancer-free

Dr. Herrman will work closely with your mastectomy surgeon to plan a timely, effective procedure incorporating safe, advanced techniques. 

What to Expect during the Procedure

Dr. Hermann uses techniques and tools such as fat grafting and Alloderm regenerative tissue matrix to perform breast reconstruction. He primarily uses tissue expander devices rather than flap surgery (transferring tissue from another area of the body to the breast mound). Dr. Hermann primarily works with a mastectomy surgeon specializing in skin- and nipple-sparing mastecomy, a procedure that retains the skin envelope of the breast and the nipple in order to achieve highly natural-looking results.

Once candidacy has been determined, Dr. Hermann will work closely with your surgeon to schedule your mastectomy and breast reconstruction procedure. The initial procedure can take six to seven hours if performed immediatly after a mastectomy. Before surgery, you will be sedated with general anesthesia. After the breast tissue has been removed, Dr. Hermann can begin performing fat grafting or the insertion of a breast implant or tissue expander.

Schedule a Consultation

If you require a mastectomy, Dr. Hermann can work with you and your doctors to deliver satisfying breast reconstruction results. As Dr. Hermann's patient, you can expect to be treated with compassion and expertise every step of the way. To schedule a consultation, please fill out our electronic contact form or call (940) 387-4900 today.

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