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Breast Reduction Surgery

Large breasts can cause pain, make you feel self-conscious, and limit your daily activities.

Fortunately, breast reduction surgery can help you experience improved comfort and confidence.

Dr. Bruce Hermann in Denton, TX, can provide excellent results with minimal scarring by performing short-scar breast reduction.

Achieve Relief with Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery—also known as reduction mammoplasty—involves removing excess fat, breast tissue, and skin to create smaller and firmer breasts. It often incorporates liposuction. During the procedure, Dr. Hermann can also reposition and reduce the size of the areolas.

You could benefit from this surgery if you have:

  • Shoulder pain due to the combination of heavy breasts and bra straps
  • Skin rashes beneath the breasts
  • Difficulty with physical activity
  • Abnormal-looking breasts
  • Disproportionate breasts
  • Pain and discomfort
  • Skeletal issues
  • Breathing problems
  • Poor self-confidence

Short Scar Breast Reduction

Dr. Hermann uses the short scar breast reduction technique at our Denton, TX, office serving Greater Dallas. This form of breast reduction surgery consists of making smaller incisions, so scarring is minimal and easy to hide with clothing.

This surgery requires two incisions: One around the areola and one from the bottom of the areola toward the underlying breast crease. After the incisions are made, Dr. Hermann can remove breast tissue, fat, and excess skin. He then closes the incisions to complete these refinements, which results in a smaller breast size.

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At North Texas Breast and Plastic Surgery Center in Denton, TX, Dr. Bruce Hermann has helped many people alleviate painful symptoms and increase their body confidence by performing plastic surgery. 

Dr. Hermann is a board-certified and fellowship-certified plastic surgeon with more than a decade of experience in providing safe and reliable outcomes for patients seeking to reduce the size of their breasts.

Our Denton, TX, office is located north of Flower Mound, outside of Dallas. We welcome patients from Lewisville and beyond. If you're considering breast reduction, schedule a consultation by filling out our online contact form or calling:

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Does Insurance Cover Breast Reduction?

If your general healthcare provider determines that a breast reduction would provide health benefits, your insurance may contribute to the cost of the procedure. Bear in mind that this won't cover any cosmetic refinements, such as breast lift techniques, that you decide to incorporate. We accept CareCredit® financing to help you budget for any out-of-pocket expenses.

Real Patient Results

A before photo of a woman with large breasts
An after photo of a woman who has had a breast reduction

Dr. Hermann has helped many women alleviate painful symptoms and increase their body confidence by performing breast reduction surgery. 

The Breast Reduction Procedure

During a private consultation, Dr. Hermann will review your overall health and give you a complete physical examination at our Denton, TX, office serving Greater Dallas. Be prepared to discuss your medical history to determine if you're a good candidate for reduction mammoplasty.

Once candidacy has been determined, your plastic surgeon can customize a treatment plan to meet your unique needs. He will carefully explain the procedural steps to you and provide all necessary pre- and post-surgical instructions to ensure you achieve the desired results.

The basic procedural steps you can expect in a breast reduction surgery include:


Your plastic surgeon will administer general anesthesia to ensure your total comfort throughout the entire surgical procedure.


Once you are comfortable, your plastic surgeon will begin the procedure using the short scar technique. This technique involves making an incision around the nipple and vertically under the breast.

Breast Reduction

Your plastic surgeon will then use liposuction and other excision techniques to remove excess breast tissue and skin from the sides and bottom of the breast.

Areola and Nipple Placement

For patients who desire a breast lift in combination with their breast reduction, your plastic surgeon can reposition the areola and nipple higher to create a perkier bustline. The areolas can also be reduced to a more proportional size.

Sutures and Bandages

Once the breasts have been reduced according to your needs and goals, your plastic surgeon will close the incisions and apply compression garments to control swelling and bruising.
The entire surgery can take two to five hours or longer.

What To Expect during Recovery

Breast reduction is an outpatient procedure, meaning you will be able to return home to recover the same day as your surgery. It is imperative that you follow your post-surgical instructions precisely to minimize any discomfort. This will involve:

  • Taking medication as prescribed
  • Wearing your surgical bra at all times for the next four weeks, unless showering
  • Elevating your torso when you rest
  • Emptying drains of any fluid buildup at least once a day
  • Attending follow-up appointments
woman in compression bra

To prepare for your at-home recovery, be sure to have plenty of ice, gauze, clean towels, loose shirts, and any recommended topical treatment for the incision sites.

Generally, patients can return to work two weeks after surgery and increase physical activity after six weeks. Although you will notice results almost immediately, your final results will become more apparent as swelling subsides. Keep in mind that it can take up to a year for swelling to completely subside.

Breast reduction can be a physically and emotionally rewarding surgery that provides you with immediate relief from neck, shoulder, and back pain. However, following your plastic surgery, your breasts will be swollen and sore. They may appear bigger than you thought they'd be, but after about three months, a considerable amount of swelling should subside and give you a better idea of what their actual size will be.

Who Is a Good Candidate
for Breast Reduction Surgery?

This surgical procedure is generally recommended for people with overly large and heavy breasts who may be experiencing upper back, shoulder, and neck pain. The best candidates are people who have fully developed breasts and are at a stable weight.

The Benefits of Breast Reduction

The most obvious benefit of breast reduction is the alleviation of chronic pain and discomfort. You may also find that you are able to enjoy a wider variety of clothing options and an increased sense of self-confidence with your more proportionate bustline. If you previously struggled with physical activity because of your large breasts, having a breast reduction at our Denton, TX, office north of Flower Mound can improve your breathing and your ability to enjoy physical activity. We welcome patients from Lewisville and surrounding communities.

Breast reduction can be a physically and emotionally rewarding surgery that can provide you with immediate neck, shoulder, and back pain relief.

When To Get Breast Reduction Surgery

Two of the most important factors regarding the timing of your surgery include:

  • Age: There are no age restrictions when it comes to this plastic surgery, but people under the age of 18 must have parental consent. It's important to keep in mind that your breasts may not be fully developed until your mid-twenties. Dr Hermann can help determine if your breasts have fully developed and if now is the right time for the procedure.
  • Family Goals: Pregnancy changes the shape, size, and appearance of breasts, so if you become pregnant, some of the changes made during your breast reduction can be reversed. Knowing this can help you determine whether to have the surgery now or to wait until you're finished having children. 

After a breast reduction at our Denton, TX, office, you can maintain your results if you avoid significant weight gain and are through having children. As you age, your breasts may begin to sag again, though it won't be as pronounced as it would have been without a plastic surgery.

Dr. Hermann

North Texas Breast & Plastic Surgery Center

Dr. Bruce Hermann has trained under world-renowned plastic surgeons and implements the BodyLogic™ system to achieve optimal surgical outcomes. We accept financing so every patient can access our advanced treatments:

  • CareCredit®
  • United Medical Credit

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